Frank Avent (The Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Florence,SC)

Masters Builders has just completed a house for me at 3137 Drakeshore Dr. The quality of the house from foundation to finish work is unsurpassed in this area. Robbie Lee and his people want everything to be just right and will take no shortcuts and also demand the same of their subs.

I found Robbie and his people to be very responsive and honest in our dealings and am very happy with our house.

Ashok Patel, CEO Naman Hotels

In 1992 Master’s Builders, Inc., a creation of Robert S. Lee was one of the three builders in Florence Couny that had the ability and was capable of building my house with over 14000 square feet. In my due diligence of examining some of the houses built by these three builders, Master’s Builders work stood out in Quality,detailing, workmanship, professionalism and even minute things like maintaining the construction site in a noteworthy order. This is commendable.

We were so happy with the house that nine years later Master’s Builders was awarded to finish the last 5500 square feet of my house. Master’s Builders took extreme care in finishing all elements of the house that 15 years later we admire. The biggest asset that Master’s Builders has is that it performs most of the trade work in house, thus having a total control on the finished product. This , mode of operation delivers impeccable results.

A grand House on a Grand Scale is Builders forte. Working with the extra-ordinary skills of Robbie Lee, a fine, hard working, honest gentleman is rare in this world. He takes a deep interest in every aspect of construction as if he was building his personal house. As a customer, I felt very secured during the whole construction cycle. The experience and reputation of Robbie Lee is on some of the iconic houses in Florence area.

Phillip Lowe

My family and l embarked on a mission to build our dream house at Forest Lake. After talking to several homeowners with upper end homes we decided to have Robbie Lee of Masters Builders look at our plans. After a minimal re-draw we knew we had found the right builder.

His ability to draw the right proportions, structural engineering and architecturally pleasing designs convinced us early we had made the right choice for our builder. Robbie is more than a builder, he is an artist. He was always available to take my calls and worked many nights and weekends on my project.

Throughout the building process he and his employees have maintained the highest professionalism and care of detail. Staff at his office and in the cabinet shop are there to work closely with my wife and I to merge our ideas and bring them to life.

Now I do not want to paint a perfect picture. Building has it’s stressful times. Robbie was understanding and worked with each parent and child to accomplish our individual goals. Masters Builders is not the builder for a penny pinching budget or a hurried time frame. If you are interested the highest quality home possible that will astonish you with beauty, then he is your man .

I thank Robbie and his team for exceeding all expectations. If you would like to talk personally I may be reached at 843-621-9999.

Dale Barth ( Red Bone Alley Restaurants )

I’ve had the honor of knowing and working with Robbie Lee and Master’s Builders for some 20 years. Over that time Robbie and his team have designed and built for me 2 restaurants, a vacation home and remodeled my current primary residence and previous residence. His work on each of these projects was exemplary. His crews were always
professional and under Robbie’s guidance, the craftsmanship of their work has no equal in our area.

In addition, Robbie has designed and built several homes in our neighborhood ranging from 7,000 sq ft to 17,000 sq ft. Each home is more beautiful than the next and the owner’s of these homes have nothing but good things to say about Robbie’s work. As you may know, reputations in the custom home building trade are occasionally questionable. I
say with all confidence, Robbie has the finest reputation of any custom home builder in this area of South Carolina.

Today, Robbie is busy designing a complete re-modeling of a bar area in our Florence restaurant Red Bone Alley. This restaurant, that Robbie built 15 years ago, is an icon in our area and a design feat that has been studied by others as a one of a kind facility.

It is with great pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend Robbie Lee and Master’s Builders for your design/building project. You will be pleased. If you have any questions regarding our experiences with Robbie, please don’t hesitate to call me at 843.673.0035.